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Swimming pool technology

Water not only gives life, it has also always been a source of refreshment for us humans.

Thus the Oos water technology is inseparably connected with the swimming pool technology.

Water is not only an elixir of life and part of industrial processes –
it is much more: Water is life.

And maximum well-being begins with excellent water quality with maximum safety, hygiene and health.
According to our holistic principle regarding conception, planning, construction, commissioning and aftercare, we also offer you the “Oos Wassertechnik Rundum-Sorglos-Paket” in
the field of swimming pool technology.

Thus we are your partner for all kinds, sizes and requirements of your pool facility, be it for the private sector, for your hotel business or for the general public in your public swimming pool.
Clean, hygienic swimming pool water, which excludes the risk of infection for every bathing guest, is a legal obligation. Of course, Oos Wassertechnik is very familiar with the relevant standards of the bath hygiene law and the bath ordinance.
Thanks to our innovative technologies, we can assure you the highest reliability in water treatment for your pool systems.

Discover the secret of our water for more joie de vivre and put your swimming pool technology trustingly in our hands.