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It goes into the decisive phase

After the purchase of your system, the customer service of Oos Wassertechnik does not stop, but just begins.

Because now the production starts from the company’s own point of view and then the installation and commissioning at your site.
All these steps are carried out by an experienced assembly team and professional technicians, resulting in a complete system from a single source.
We take over the professional installation and commissioning – from the first water inlet to the last outlet.
The close coordination with our in-house planning team also enables a rapid assembly process and adherence to agreed deadlines.
In addition to full functionality, we offer a detailed instruction of your employees for the optimal operation of the system.
You will also receive individual and detailed documentation of the installation as well as the necessary operating instructions.
Supported by maximum transparency through our in-house documentation standards, you receive a quality system that has only two contact persons from the idea to completion.
Ours and yours!