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Convincing and physical process

Membrane technology is an umbrella term for a large number of different separation methods, all of which are based on the use of membranes and are becoming increasingly important for drinking water treatment.
The main advantages of membrane technology are that it works without the addition of chemicals, energy consumption is relatively low, handling is simple and the equipment can be easily adapted to different requirements.
Compared to conventional water treatment processes, membrane filtration can take place at low temperatures, which makes it possible to treat heat-sensitive substances.

The membrane consists of a fine-pored material, which retains all water contents above a certain size and allows smaller particles to pass unhindered and without impairment.
Membranes are mainly used for two tasks in water treatment: microfiltration and ultrafiltration are used for particle removal, and nanofiltration and reverse osmosis processes are increasingly being used for
softening and desalinating ground water.
The main advantages of membrane technology are the good energy balance and the almost complete removal of turbidity from the raw water.
Water treatment by membrane plants is based on the use of membrane modules and is used for the production of pure to highly pure water.
The addition of chemicals is usually not necessary, as pathogenic germs and viruses are also retained.

Membrane technology is used, for example, in power plants and district heating plants, hospitals and dialysis centres, laboratories and in industry.
Our range of services covers the areas of ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis, with the aid of which the dissolved salts in water can be reduced by up to 99%.

In times of standard systems and “drawer concepts”, the fatal conclusion is that such systems can be operated efficiently and optimally without having to carry out individual planning.
Serious operating errors, low service life as well as severely limited effectiveness and high costs can be the result.

A membrane plant from Oos Wassertechnik goes through an individual engineering process and is adapted to your needs and requirements in terms of both process technology and economy.

Be one step ahead and realize your dream system.