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We filter your water pure

Filter systems are used for the most diverse purposes: for pre-cleaning before further treatment processes and to protect the downstream plant components, for circulation water, boiler feed water, cooling water, washing water, or generally in water recovery.
Filter systems serve on the one hand to protect the environment and on the other hand to reduce energy consumption, which is why a robust construction and long service life are particularly important.
As simple as the principle of pressure or gravity filtration may be, the optimum design and operation of such a system are as complex.
The creation of the right framework conditions, the selection of the right components and their optimal coordination with each other, skilful assembly and commissioning, as well as the maintenance of the right process parameters are the challenges of every operator.

Increased hygienic requirements require in many cases a filtrative removal of Microorganisms from the water.
Oos Wassertechnik offers the complete package for pressure and gravity filtration.
Be it small individual filters or large, industrial filter systems – with us you are in the best of hands when it comes to filtration.