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State-of-the-art technology thanks to activated filter media

AFM® stands for a revolutionary and novel filter material that is used as a replacement for conventional filter sand in pressure and gravity filters.

Due to its catalytic and oxidizing properties, the material actively prevents biofilm formation, which is the biggest challenge of an ordinary sand filter system.
This also means that you have no problems with lumps and channel formation that interfere with the filter function. Due
to filter germination, the performance of sand filters deteriorates dramatically after 6 – 12 months despite frequent backflushing.
The performance of AFM®, on the other hand, remains consistently high over many years.
AFM® far
exceeds the performance of quartz and glass sand and filters out at least 30% more organic matter.
Activated filter media are a direct replacement for sand and double the performance of sand filters without additional infrastructure investment. The resulting
greatly improved application characteristics, such as increased filtration performance and lower backwash speeds, result in a considerable increase in the performance of your filter system.

AFM® is manufactured by Dryden Aqua from a special type of glass and never needs to be recharged or replaced.

In addition, it makes a valuable contribution to environmental compatibility, as it is sustainably degradable.
This feature makes the system healthier, more ecological and more economical.
In addition, it reduces the turbidity of the water, improves the water quality and removes significantly smaller particles from the water compared to sand due to its chemical-physical properties.

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