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Water - Our Elixir of Life

Water has always been the most important resource on our planet.
We are granted uncomplicated access to the liquid basis of life, which is scarce in other parts of the world, so we should estimate the value of water accordingly.
But only in the recent past has the significance of this fact entered our consciousness: Clean drinking water is the prerequisite for all life.

Clear image that pays off
To keep water clean and to make it, is the first priority at Oos Wassertechnik.
Under the management of Managing Director Helmut Oos, the company has since 2017 made it its business to supply customers in the water technology sector with the best water.
With the entrepreneurial activity of Oos Wassertechnik, a future company is appearing in Wels which shows how important it is to keep our water clean and to protect our most important resource.
The owner Helmut Oos looks back on 30 years of experience in the industry since 1985 and brings his extensive know-how to the company.
Over the years, Helmut Oos’ wealth of experience has resulted in a large number of satisfied customers from public baths, hotels and private pool owners.
Because willpower, a high level of commitment and a strong conviction to make a difference have always shaped the personality of the entrepreneur.
After decades in leading positions in water treatment plants for the industry, municipalities and private households, in each size category, he decided now for the independence.
For Helmut Oos every drop of clean water counts, no matter if 2,000 or 1,000,000 litres.